Conservative for Congress

Geno Young is a proud, outspoken Conservative born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Coming from a long line of ordained ministers, faith and traditional Christian values are central to Geno’s character. As a young child, Geno was consecrated as an alter server at True Zion Spiritual Church, Inc. where his great grandmother served as the pastor for nearly three decades. During his time of service there, Geno also served as percussionist and lead vocalist of the music department alongside his two brothers for many years.

Geno Young in front of the capitol


After graduating from Saint Rita of Cascia High School in 2014, Geno attended Saint Xavier University in Chicago where he studied Political Science and Music Education. During the 2016 election, Geno had a political epiphany. After growing up in a liberal city, and always being told that “All Republicans are racists,” Geno began to research for himself and discovered that statement was the furthest thing from the truth and moreover; a deflection. After spending years learning about politics and American history in school, Geno realized that a MAJOR fact of American History had been conveniently omitted from every history class that he ever took. And that was the fact that it was the DEMOCRATIC PARTY that were the original proponents of the oppression of Black Americans through slavery and the Jim Crow era. It was in that moment, that Geno awakened to the lies of the Democratic Party and has never looked back. In the years since President Donald Trump’s election in 2016, Geno has self-educated himself on the true history and founding of our great Republic and all that it stands for; cherishing the literary work of Mark Levin. Geno has bravely advocated for Conservative values via social media and on his college campus (often met with hostile results) with arguments based on facts and reason. Inspired by the literature of prominent Conservative thinkers such as Shelby Steele and Bob Woodson, Geno’s message and outreach has been specifically targeted at helping ALL Americans escape the Democratic Plantation and realize that the only way to achieve the American Dream is through hard work and dedication, not redistribution and victimization.

After being utterly appalled at the behavior of Swamp Establishment Republicans in Washington following the 2020 election, Geno was called to action to honorably serve the people of Illinois’ 1st Congressional District. Geno Young has decided to step into the political arena to fight for what we all hold dear: our REPUBLIC. As an outsider with no political or financial baggage from the Swamp, Geno will fight everyday to be a voice for the forgotten, the ridiculed, the laughed at, the alienated, the mocked, the weary, the lied-on and the demoralized. Every day he will fight for the individual liberty and prosperity of the American people FIRST. Every day that Geno walks into the Capitol he will fight vigorously to uphold an America First, populist agenda that seeks to prioritize the concerns of everyday, hard-working American people over the radical socialist, globalist agenda of establishment elites.

Ronald Reagan famously said that “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” This prescient phrase could never ring truer than it does today. Our way of life is at a serious crossroads, but it’s not too late! With your help Geno will fight to preserve our great Republic and ALL of its freedoms for generations to come. America needs a fighter right now more than ever, and it’s high time for ordinary Americans to step up and do some EXTRAORDINARY things. Remember what happened the last time an outsider stepped into the political arena…we shook up the world. Make it happen again! MAKE THEM HEAR YOU!

Geno’s Contract With America:

Border Security

It goes without saying, the less people sucking on our tax dollars the BETTER. Immigration must be LEGAL and regulated. We cannot afford to allow people with no regard for our laws or sovereignty to cross our border and suck tax dollars dry. Not only will I fight tooth and nail for the completion of President Trump’s border wall, but I would appose ANY additional spending in regards to placating individuals who breached our sovereignty. This includes opposition to the Biden Administration’s proposal to spend $80M on housing for illegals, as well as their plans to send $310M tax dollars to Central America to fight “the root causes” of immigration. Here’s the way I see it, they could send them $310 TRILLION dollars, and at the end of the day, Central America will NEVER be the UNITED States of America. So no matter how much they send, people will never stop trying to get here. It’s a foolish non-solution that will only end up wasting more tax dollars on foolishness.

Election Integrity

On day ONE, I will work with colleagues to lay the foundation to make Voter ID LAW OF THE LAND! What happened to our 2020 election was a travesty. We all saw it. If we don’t have secure elections, we have no republic. And that’s why if elected to office you can rest assured that my first days in Congress will be spent working with colleagues to introduce legislation to make common sense Voter ID laws the law of the land. With a provision in the bill that bans ballot harvesting, requires signature matching for mail-in ballots, bans sending unsolicited ballots to anyone who didn’t request one, and I would make sure that the bill imposes stiff penalties on big tech companies who interfere in elections in any way shape or form. And since there is such an influx of illegal aliens coming into this nation, I would make sure that there is a provision in the bill where the only way to register for an ID is through a two point authentication process:  a valid birth certificate or certificate of naturalization and a SSN.

Law & Order

Being born and raised in Chicago, I have seen first hand the importance of supporting ALL law enforcement officers and the adverse effect the lack thereof can have on communities. My appreciation and family ties to the law enforcement community runs deep, My father served as an officer for the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) patrolling the infamous Robert Taylor Homes public housing projects until the dissolution of the department in 1999. And then severed as a proud officer of the Chicago Police Department until retirement. After watching our nation burn for over 100 days last summer, with growing calls to “Defund the Police” amid a record-shattering rise in crime across the nation in 2020, I understand that law and order is the cornerstone of civilized society. Yes, police officers who break the law should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law, but painting all of our hard-working men and women in blue as “racists” seeking to “hunt and kill” people of color is as dangerous as it is fictitious. The safety of our families depends on the sacrifices of law enforcement, and voters can rest assured that Geno will fight for law and order every day in Congress.  Also amid calls to weaponize intelligence against our troops, I will fight every day to protect the First Amendment rights of law enforcement across the board to ensure that the political convictions of any law enforcement/military officials plays no role in their treatment or deployment of duty. 

National Debt

I have a five step common sense agenda that I would fight for to reduce frivolous spending, lower our mammoth national debt and reduce outlandish government giveaways:  Step 1. Stop the printing of money we don’t have. Step 2. Fight for energy independence.  Step 3. Border Security to alleviate the strains on our welfare system, which includes finishing the wall, reinstating remain in Mexico, Title 42, ending catch and release among other issues.  Step 4. Stop frivolous spending abroad, which includes being a doormat for foreign nations and standing in opposition to Biden’s G7 Global Tax Plan which seeks to allow unelected, globalist bureaucrats to tax American businesses up to 20%. Not on my watch! NO ONE gets to decide American tax policy but the AMERICAN PEOPLE!  Step 5. Oppose any proposals to raise taxes in any way be it cooperate, income, or capital gains.  I will introduce legislation to cut funding from overly funded government institutions that have failed us and have been politicized such as the CDC, NIH, DHS, FBI and DOJ. And redirect the funds to local law enforcement agencies, CBP and ICE which have been severely defunded this past year. The name of that legislation will be the Dorn-French Act in honor of officers David Dorn and Ella French who both lost their lives as a result of senseless and preventable violence. In regards to the FBI, I am going to personally establish a commission to reimagine the FBI and DOJ from top to bottom. The commission will reimagine the FBI and DOJ in a bipartisan manner so that they will NEVER be used as political weapons against one side again. This includes establishing by law, mandatory checks and balances and bipartisan oversight into all political investigations.

National Security

I will fight everyday to uphold an America First approach to foreign policy by applying a common-sense “peace through strength” approach to hostile regimes such as China, Iran and Russia. Specifically holding China (our greatest threat) accountable for their gross human rights violations, theft of our intel/technology and MOST OF ALL for THEIR virus which has ravaged the world and given way to tyranny in our republic.  A rising China is our greatest existential threat. Not only did they release the mother of ALL messes onto the world, but they steal our intel, technology and seek to destroy America from within by funneling billions to organizations, academia, Hollywood, big tech and media companies who push anti-American propaganda. In addition, they are currently rebuilding their military, aligning themselves with Russia and Radical Islamic Extremists and threatening to invade Taiwan. They also fund the push to feminize American men while working to create their men “more manly;” all a part of their 100 year plan to become the superpower of the world. You would be hard pressed to find any area where China’s communistic tentacles haven’t invaded and that’s why we MUST stop them in their tracks. Not only will I fight to sanction, tariff and expose China on every front, but I will also work with GOP colleagues to waive sovereign immunity so that the American People can sue the CCP for ruining our lives and businesses, just like we did after 9/11 with Saudi Arabia.


I strongly believe in a free-market approach to healthcare. Choice in healthcare should be left to the discretion of the individual. There’s no doubt that our healthcare system needs reform, but a federalized single-payer socialist approach to healthcare will force millions of Americans out of plans that they already enjoy, and ultimately lead to higher prices. Freedom of choice, and a fight for price transparency from Big Pharma, will be quintessential in lowering the cost of healthcare. 

2nd Amendment

It’s no secret that the left has gone on a radical, reckless, deranged crusade to strip law-abiding Americans from their God-given rights to protect themselves and their families. NOT ON MY WATCH! The American public can rest assured that as long as I am in office they will have a fearless warrior on the floor of the House every day fighting for the preservation of the Second Amendment AS WRITTEN! Absolutely no exceptions! 


As a Christian Conservative, the sanctity of life really hits home. The politicization of the death of innocent children has been a hot-button issue in this county since the early 70’s, but one fact has never changed or WILL ever change: LIFE BEGINS AT CONCEPTION. Every year millions of lives are “legally” extinguished with complete and total complicity from the Left (and unfortunately) some on the Right. I vow to fight every day and to be a voice for the voiceless. Entire generations have been lost to the sin of abortion, and it’s high time that God’s children rise up to adamantly defend the defenseless from womb to tomb.